Welcome to our program, Connected Imaginations, and thank you for considering your participation with us.

We use the term “soft launch” to convey the idea of an informal but earnest introduction of the beta test program, using significant discounts to induce pioneers and early adopters to help us refine and perfect our programs and their delivery.

Two Ways to Participate
  1. Newsletter Summaries: Direct links to always-on workspace readers and YouTube monographs
  2. Preview Salons: Free introductory briefings and demonstrations MORE
  3. Personal Coaching: One-on-one sessions with a 24/7 production workspace MORE

Newsletter Summaries

Newsletter Summarizes (coming soon) will provide subscribers with direct links into private resource libraries for agile-lean entrepreneur and disruptive innovators, addressing:

  • What are the real details of a Disruptive Marketspace and opportunities for rapid entry?
  • What are the key milestones in the Time-to-Achieve a minimum viable product?
  • What are the habits of mind and first-of-the-day procedures for enterpeneurs?

This service will begin in late October 2012. Pre-register now!

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Preview Salons

Preview Salons provide a fun, lively way of finding out more about Connected Imaginations and its community of practitioners.

These free sessions will attract 15 to 30 individuals of diverse backgrounds and interests. The typical evening preview will include:

  • Brief introduction to Connected Imaginations, the Academy of Next Practices
  • One or two demonstrations of a transmediation procedure
  • Demonstration of a Collaboratory (“collaboration laboratories”) workspace
  • Open question-and-answer discussions
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Personal Coaching: Individuals & Groups

The individual coaching program constitutes an open-ended participation framework that spans a 3-month or 12-month contract, enabling each individual to:

  • Use an individualized and persistent web-conferenced workspace
  • Access to our growing library of resources, project galleries, and self-directed learning materials
  • Participate to all social networking events at no cost

Individual coaching entails three (3) individual sessions over a 30-day period:

  • One 45-minute comprehensive review of your master project plan
  • Two 15-minute flash meetings in Skype or a Web conferencing system
  • Two extended email responses per week for new questions or follow-ups from individual sessions

In the coaching program, we use an integrated development roadmap to structure our sessions, based on these elements:

  • Strategic plan for growing a business or executing a major corporate program
  • Operational plan for building the systems processes and accountabilities
  • Daily work plan and reporting system for accomplishing the two or three strategic results week
  • Personal life plan for structuring and managing personal and domestic commitments


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