Hello there!

Welcome to my newest project—Connected Imaginations: The Secrets Behind Insanely Great Products, Brands, and Entrepreneurs—an academy, private coaching practice, global collaboration platform, and peer-mentoring network.

For those of whom I have not yet met, my name is Michael Moon. I live with my wife of 10 years, Anne, in the Oakland hills of the San Francisco Bay area (California). I am a self-directed, life-long learner that survived the curse, “May you life a life worth examining…and live to share about it.”

Connected Imaginations culminates a 40-year journey of exploration, experimentation, countless failures, surprising successes, and distilled insights that I am in the process of putting into the Academy of Next Practices.

Innovation Think Tank

In 1987, I cofounded GISTICS, an innovation think tank (which I still lead) dedicated to speeding the adoption of promising new technologies and disruptive innovations. In early 2011, I came to the conclusion: “Enough thinking, already! Now produce something of enduring value!”

 My Primary Intent

With the body of work, Connected Imaginations, I intend to transform the imaginations of each engaged reader, expanding their realm of options, enhancing their access to useful resources, and unlocking their greater desire and passion to live The Dream.

Practitioner’s Constraint

In developing Connected Imaginations, I have produce each sentence and conceptual proposition from my first-hand experience as a coach or practitioner—actual work, conversations, and the results that ensued.

While this entailed a lot of work and countless hours, it also compels me to write in a rather sparse or efficient manner: If I could express something in 20 words or five words, I used five.


I am creating this site, academy, book, and platform as a personal manifesto, using my personal voice and identity as a connecting anchor to the Greater Imagination—for you to use as a lever.

“Give me a place to stand…and I can move the world” Archimedes principle of leverage


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