Faculty & Peer Mentors

Focused on Learning and Informed Action

The masterclass program, Connected Imaginations, incorporates the latest research into how adults learn and the most innovative configuration of various apps, tools, and Web services.

Much of the most recent research into learning and, especially new skill acquisition by adults, reveals the power of immersive, highly collaborative small groups that use a common set of tools and vocabulary to complete a project, competing with other groups performing similar work on the basis of time, quality, ingenuity, and group cohesion.

Yes, quite a mouthful, that last sentence.

In a nutshell, our faculty and peer mentors use the latest in learning practices and tools in fun, collaborative environments.

Immersive Peer Interaction

While it may vary from one group to another, we have found that more than 50 percent of what individuals learn derives from peer interactions within small groups and facilitated discussions in larger open-ended groups.

We go to great it lengths to create interesting and engaging salons, much like a grand hostess of a dinner party will take great care in seating arrangements.

Small-group arrangements represent one of the most critical faculty members of our salons!

With this in mind, we select our faculty and peer mentors for their interpersonal skills such as intuition, rapport, soft questioning, and facilitation as well as hard skills such as analysis, logical argumentation, crisp expository writing, data visualization, and technical fluency with various apps and Web services.

Hand-picked Faculty for Each Salon

Check out the CALENDAR and individual SESSIONS to learn more about each session’s faculty and peer mentors


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