Engagement Modes

Collaborative Pair Coaching

Adapted of the agile technique of Pair Programming your and I co-develop(in daily, weekly, or bi-weekly teleconferences) business development programs and content of your determination. This might include:

  • Business plans, leap of faith assumptions, and testable hypotheses.
  • Lean canvases for a business model, UX design, and semantic market presence.
  • Corporate development timeline for onboarding beta testers, concierge prototypes, and commercial customers.
  • Minimum acceptable offerings (a testable hypothesis) and a smokin’ product microsite (for a running a “smoke test”).

Executive embed

This might include my role as a networked consultant, industry advocate, or interim CMO, spending 10 to 15 hours a week in creating the basic customer development and marketing programs and implementing core customer engagement and transaction management infrastructure. This might include implementing:

  • User engagement feedback system.
  • Semantic market presence with a constellation of WordPress microsites.
  • Agile project manager with task tracking of marketing projects, product backlog, user stories, and defects.
  • Beta-test CRM with ticketing and case management.
  • Project team room with document management and desktop integration.


These open-ended one-hour discussions, often scheduled on short notice, enable you and your team to ask any number questions to me or to me and small team of on-call subject matter experts. These sessions might include:

  • Futurepacing a strategy for market entry or a business model pivot.
  • Reframing a competitive or organizational challenge.
  • Repositioning your firm or products in the market or establishing a new category.
  • Competitive analysis of vendors in the digital media value chain or the customer engagement marketspace.

Always-on collaboratories

In private always-on engagement workspace, you and your team solve a set of market-making problems, using our procedural framework and small-chunk learning intervals to participate in a collaborative visual discussion with my faculty and me.

Each learning interval uses a proven artifact, tool, or model from our coaching and executive embed practice.

Broken down in bite-sized chunks, you and your team can quickly…

  • Get on the same page.
  • Discuss the prepared questions and the implications of your collective answers.
  • Assign follow-up tasks and requests for approval.

The figure below depicts some of the function of an always-on engagement workspace.

Best of all, you and your team can loop me or one of our SME faculty into a discussion decision-point.





These fixed-priced, work-for-hire activities represent using me as a “resource of last resort”.

More often than not, I find someone who deliver better results much faster and cheaper than me.

Project might include writing a thought leadership white paper or designing a category-defining microsite.

Public events

I am often asked to notify a fan or acquaintance of my next public speaking engagement, or about my next regional Meetup event or social mixer. Just use the REGISTRATION form to get on the list.


I also deliver public and private workshop on a variety of topics related to

  • Lean startups
  • Agile customer development
  • Argumentation in always-on social markets
  • Transmediation of brands and innovation

Just use the REGISTRATION form to get on the list.

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