The word Collaboratory combines the idea of collaboration and the laboratory, suggesting a new way of  getting things done in a more social, structured, outcome-focused way.

In our use of the term, Collaboratories represents a production environment in which entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders, and brand advocates use our structured workspaces to speed their completion of selected projects.

This means you define what you must produce or get done (usually in one or two week periods—the intervals between each work session) and my coaches and I work with you getting them done, using our structured collaboration frameworks to speed your completion of critical-path items (presentations, webcopy, beta test program guides, business cases, etc.).

These structured collaborations include:

  • One-on-one coaching by Michael Moon and a core team of masterclass coaches.
  • Peer mentoring within small groups and Web-conference workspaces.
  • Persistent 24/7 web-conferenced workspaces with audio and text annotations and discussions.
  • Resource library with project templates and media assets.
  • Recommended self-directed study list of articles, books, white papers, and YouTube monographs.

Two Modes

1:1 or Small-group Coaching Sessions

Much of the underlying material of Connected Imaginations derives from my executive coaching practice—intense one-on-one 50-minute sessions—with a handful of clients.

While I still work with a small number of coaching clients, I’m now offering a second mode of “coaching”: Collaboratories that use the latest in a growing crop of free or inexpensive digital tools and web services.

Collaboratories represent my long-term goal of prototyping a digital academy that supports a worldwide network of adult learners using immersive small-groups and self-directed learning resources to master the art and practices of a “Business of One” and the full realization of one’s chosen Life Plan.


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