Consultant to Enterprise Marketing Executives

Michael Moon advises mid- to large-sized consumer, retail, and B2B brand enterprises on service-innovation strategies for customer engagement, marketing supply chains, and digital asset management—the three underlying capabilities of Transmedia Brands.

My clients include Amway, Boeing, Disney, E&J Gallo, Eli Lilly, Ericsson, FCB, Frank Russell Company, Gap, General Motors, Hallmark, Hasbro, IBM, Leo Burnett, Mattel, Nokia (FI), Orion Corporation (FI), Philips, SanomaWSOY (FI), SAP, TeliaSonera (FI), Thomson Corporation, Time, VF Corp, Walmart, and Warner Bros.

Consultant to Conference and Event Manager

I coach conference and event-managers in the design, agenda development, speaker and talent acquisition, and marketing of executive-level events. GISTICS specializes in small-group “world cafe” sessions that emphasize executive-peer insight sharing and full-immersion masterclasses.

My clients include Arizona (BR), Clarion Events (UK), Createasphere, Euroforum (NL), Henry Stewart Events (UK), Igedo (DE), Seybold Seminars, and Thought Leadership Summits.

Consultant in Technology Markets

I assist technology companies in executing market-entry and customer engagement strategies. This includes trusted introductions of partners and new customers, advocacy in social networking groups (Linked In, Facebook, Plaxo), certified consultant’s and developer relations programs, and refining service-fulfilment methodologies.

My clients include Adnovate (NL), Adobe, Alterian (UK), Apple, Arizona (BR), Artesia, AssetLink, Big Step, Capital ID (NL), Cariocas, ClearStory, ConceptShare, Content Circles, D-BAM, Deep Video, Deloitte, Digital Media Partners (FI), EMC, Emotion, Ex’pression, Freedman International (UK), Getty Images, Informix, Harris, HP, IBM Autonomic Computing, Kodak, LaComunidad (NL) Macromedia, Media Equation (AU), NetXposure, Nokia Multimedia, North Plains Systems, Nstein Technologies, Onstream Media, OpenText, Oracle, Paxonix, Peer English Networks, Persistent Systems, Plus Two, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Radiance Technologies, SocialMedia8 (NL), Sonera (FI), and Talent  Partners (FI).

Coach to Consultants

I assist independent consultants and small consultancies in finding long-term engagements, defining complex, multi-year projects, and achieving professional and personal success.

My clients include Emergent Horizon, SEW Consulting Group

Coach to Entrepreneurs

I coach start-up founders and leadership executives in all areas of business operations: strategy, business models, go-to-market, operational planning and management, and daily workplans and project planning.

My clients include Arizona (BR), Montclair Physical Therapy, and Scup (BR)

Coach to Innovation Leaders

I coach operational executives of medium to large enterprises in developing internal program proposals, getting them funded, and managing the change assurance process.

My clients include Amway, Apple, E&J Gallo, General Motors, Nokia, Philips, SanomaWSOY, SocialMedia8 (NL), and Walmart

Coach to Authors, Public Speakers, and Industry Thought Leaders

I coach subject matter experts and accomplished industry executives in developing their brand, revenue platform, and fanbase.

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