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Hi, my name is Michael Moon. I lead a small innovation think-tank in the hills of Oakland California,   overlooking San Francisco and the northern parts of Silicon Valley.

As a coach to the Crazy Ones—insanely great entrepreneurs, disruptive innovators, transformational CIOs, and social change catalysts—I use a planning methodology with structured imagination to speed my clients’ successes. How?


In guided visualizations and small workshops, I take my clients into their most satisfying futures.

Together we reverse-engineer a Futureproof of their future accomplishments.

Think of a Futureproof as an inspired vision of the future that, once embodied, you will find it easy share and others will experience as seductive and compelling.

As my clients stand in their Futureproofs, a brightly lit critical path emerges from the fog of uncertainty, accelerating change, and self-doubt. Making it happen then becomes a matter of taking one inspired next-action step at a time.

Daily Workplans

Using one of our Daily Workplans, we create an easy-to-follow morning checklist for each client—much of it using the basics of Getting Thing Done.

Often, we start (yep, me too!) with stepping into our Greater Imagination—the realm of all possibilities, where our word is the law. With a little nudging and practice, we then step into the fully embodied experience of our chosen Futureproof and havr a brief chat with their future Selves. And, yes you can!

Each morning we ask a future version of our Selves, “What single 45-minute project can I accomplish today that will most speed the realization of an increasingly-more-clear and most thrilling future?”

At first, this feels a bit strange and confusing. Sometimes, we only get a vague sense of the future and our place in it. Not a problem. We just start with a vague positive feeling and start building on that.

However, every time we engage that most thrilling and satisfying imagined future, something powerful results.

Our subconscious mind begins to provide evidence—impulses, vague images, hints, suggestions and, sometimes, screaming “We got to do this today!” prescriptions.

With no more than four to six weeks of daily practice, we will have developed this habit mind, asking the deeper and wiser parts of our greater Self for one project to complete that day—the completing of which on a regular basis ignites a “fire in our bellies”. We shift from “I think we’re making progress” to “Get the heck out of the way!”

Surfing the Flow

It surprises my clients how much real work they can get done in the short bursts of focused energy, and that they can, with a bit of practice, engage “flat out” with no more than a few seconds or minutes to get up to speed.

Getting up to speed starts with learning how to build a personal energy platform, enabling you to run a 15- or 45-minute project in a flat-out sprint.

And, for those who choose this mode of engagement, we use a Webconference session in15-, 45-, or 90-minute projects.

One technique for “switching on” entails the daily habit of making nonnegotiable “appointments” with these in15-, 45-, or 90-minute project sprints.

After a few weeks of project sprints, something remarkable emerges:  a known, increasingly clear, personally thrilling, and insanely great future…a vortex that pulls you forward and into it.

We find ourselves no longer pushing or striving to achieve. Instead, we feel a surge of momentum.

We shift from getting things done to having things done. Windfalls, dumb luck, and blue birds of opportunity fly through the window on a regular basis.

We shift from “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” to “Wow! Could this get even better?” And, then, it does. Week after week.

Sounds simple. But is it easy?

ABCs of Structured Imagination

Can you remember the time when you began learning the basic ABCs of the alphabet…and later reading aloud the first story, “Green Eggs and Ham?”

Then, a bit later, can you then remember reading your first novel, Treasure Island or Black Beauty. And…whoosh!

We fell into another world, free of the limitations of age, sex, culture, geography, and, best of all, crummy “real world” circumstances.

We found ourselves in one awesome, unimaginable world after another, each brought to life by the power of an author’s imagination.

Now, as adults, we still find ourselves drawn into these power vortices of imagination. We get the “secret” behind Think Different. Ultimate Driving Machines.

So…if not you, then who? And, if not now, then when will your master the art of connecting with the imaginations of your fans, customers, and collaborators?

Your Greater Imagination Beckons

Connected Imaginations teaches the ABCs of how to focus, structure, and harness one’s Great Imagination, mastering the inner work and habits of mind of the Crazy Ones.

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